About Me

My First Quilt

This was the first quilt I ever made at a my first retreat with my sister Terry! Originally it was supposed to be a wall hanging but I modified it by adding an applique design in the corners to make a twin size quilt. It is now known as my

"Retreat Quilt"!

Hi, I'm Jody Gehrke and I love to quilt!!!

I live in central Wisconsin and I basically started making table runners in 2017. In 2018, I bought my first proffesional sewing machine which was a Phaff. I only had that machine for maybe a year and a half. I went to my first quilt retreat with my sister who has sewn/quilted for many years. At this retreat was where I made my first quilt ever! That is where I got "hooked" or should I say I fell "in love". Soon after that retreat, I traded in my Phaff machine for a Janome 9400, which is still what Im using.

In 2020, I purchased a used Tin Lizzie long arm to just quilt my own things and see if I liked doing long arm quilting. Well that didn't take long for me to be like "I think I like this, I think I could actually do this"!

In early 2021, I went and traded the Tin Lizzie in for a brand new Baby Lock Regalia! This is an amazing machine and once again " I fell in love all over again"! At that point I felt that if I can feel confident when quilting my own quilts, and if I feel pretty good about my work, that I would be ready to put myself out there to do other peoples quilts. So as of now, inbetween my own multi different projects, from quilts to table runners, placemats and coasters, to even some wall hangings, I decided to put myself out there and quilt other peoples creations.

So feel free to follow me along my journey as a long arm quilter! Everything that I do right now is all custom. What that means specifically is that I do freehand free motion quilting. Im not ready to add the pro-stitcher on to my Baby Lock just yet. I'm to busy learning my skill by watching many video tutorials, taking online classes and just plain old practice!

If you would like to contact me about quilting your quilt tops, or creating a custom quilt, you can contact me via email listed on the contact tab.

One last thing...I could not complete this bio without mentioning my sister Terry for getting me into this wonderful hobby/job. She has guided me through it all. Also my mom was a super quilter! I even named my longarm after her so thank you mom (Betty) for all the creative genes you have given me! Hope Im making you proud up in Heaven! Love you and Cheers!